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Ask me anything   Im a dude, I am 26, i like chicks
im also into ageplay and AB/DL so yea that will be here

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    Ugh I can’t stop crying today

    — 9 months ago
    Been gone a long time + 90 Inpatient on Monday.

    Im sure no one will read this but I figured now was the best time for me to try and not have the worlds largest run on sentence. I know iv been away for a long time, I have been having issues with my PTSD and what not from my wonderful career field in the military. Iv been in 2 different hospitals and I am doing much better now. Alas on Monday I will be entering an inpatient facility for 90 days YAY!!! Im really not excited about this, but it is what is best for me at this time and I don’t have a choice its mandatory lol.
    P.S. - Farewell and I will will be back soon ( well 92 days) thank you if you read this I love you all.

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    Last 2 Days To Talk…

    Well since I leave Monday morning feel free to talk to me today. I know Iv been gone a long time but lets talk before its too late. :)

    — 9 months ago
    kade92 asked: Do u need a mommy and how old are u and I aded u on KiK for we chat


    Hello thanks for adding me on there. I am 26

    — 9 months ago

    A Live cover I did of Death Cab For Cutie - Ill Follow You Into The Dark (Live Cover)

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    I think I’m gonna delete KIK and possibly my Tumblr as well. I see no point in it anymore. All it does is make me sad the majority of the time.

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    "the MAN the MYTH his SHIP"

    New Song.

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